Ultrasonic Cleaning

Armor Coated Technology utilizes a state of the art ultrasonic cleaning line incorporating a proven timed cleaning process. This assures medical quality cleaning prior to coating to promote the highest level of coating adhesion.

Media Blasting

Prior to cleaning, certain tooling substrates call for media blasting. We are equipped with media blasters for glass bead, vapor blast and walnut shells.

Steam Cleaning

Armor Coated Technology provides steam cleaning for coolant fed tooling. Forging this procedure will leave contamination in holes and jeopardize the coating process.

PVD-Coating Stripping

ACT removes old coatings off through a chemical process that strips titanium from steel products (takes up to 24 hours).

Personalized Services for Customers

Personalized service for customers include:
– Drop shipping
– Pick-up & Delivery (upon local availability)
– 24 Hour Turnaround (upon special request)

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